Friday, January 1, 2010

Link berita2 penting untk rujukan akn datang...

Higher tax,bankers leave London. click

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We are in socialist economy, not capitalist. click

IPO in 2010- more diverse. click

Recession begin flooding into courts. click

Oil tankers simpan minyak untk tunggu harga naik. click

3rd wave (forex) sound good. click

Pricing crude in 'gulfos'? click

Saturday, June 27, 2009

EUR/USD - Target met..

Alright.. I closed my buy position (see earlier post) around 1.4100 area, not bad for today. For next move, I would like to see first on early monday (Tokyo time), how traders over there fix the price. I think most traders seems to agree that as long as price below 1.4140/50 area then its a signals that price will heading lower. Well.. let see what happen.

Friday, June 26, 2009

EUR/USD - Today pivot and resistance..

Alright... price grinding higher as I'm expected and now its dancing around today second resistance which stay at 1.4036, meanwhile today pivot is at 1.3960. From here 2 things will happen (I think)

1. Price fails around 1.4050 and start heading lower or..
2. From here, 1.4030/35 price maintain the pedals and go to test the earliest resistance at 1.4120 and 1.4130 level..

I'm favour the second one :) off course with risk management.

EUR/USD - didn't touch trendline C and now dancing at today pivot

Price did not touch Trendline C and now still dancing between today 1st support and pivot level. I think for next move (short term) traders will try to push higher targetting 1.4080 and may be 1.4140 (I think)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

EUR/USD - They push price lower.. but Trendline C looks like to hold..

OK.. price didn't touch ssecond resistance and from 1.4140 its just collapse like a stone. Other analysis said that there much room for downside but I think we should look at Trendline C.

Would this trendline hold price and then push price higher again? let see how Tokyo fixing the price..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EUR/USD - Above trendline A but still below 1.4170

Here we go.. its always like that, when everybody seems to agree the same thing where market will go then market will revese itself. Alright.. price penetrate above Trendline A, it is important to see how strong the second resistance which held at 1.4170/80 area. Some say that this is the level of turning point.. I'm not sure, let see what will happen next.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DOW JONES - Looks heavy but 8100 should support..

They would buy more debt.. thats for sure, since March FED already purchase more than 170 Billion dollar treasurys dan today diorang akn purchase lagi..

Based on chart kat atas.. price stay below trendline A, means the next move is heavy towards to the downside I think, however 8100 should provide support for any downside move.. at the moment sbb 2 hari yng lepas price decline untk 'cover' gap (yng bertanda right). FOMC meeting.. let see the efect.